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GSV  University of Illinois Half-Time Tribute 10/14/17

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Remembering Greg Vasich 1981-2004

Your smile brightened the world!

We miss you, Greg.
love, Dad, Mom, Mike, Chris and Paul 

This website is dedicated to our son/brother Gregory Steven Vasich. We want to remember and celebrate his life through pictures and stories from friends and family.

Every heart that has beat strong and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world,
and bettered the tradition of mankind. -
Robert Lewis Stevenson



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Thoughts from Tedd - To say that Greg was an amazing individual would be virtually the greatest understatement one could ever make.  It�s hard to measure the impact. hard to begin to imagine what our lives would be like had we not known his smile... had we not known his laugh... had we not known him. But, I think that it�s safe to say that there has never been anyone that lived life with a greater amount of passion, or enthusiasm than Greg did.

Thoughts from Jenny - One of the greatest things about Greg was his love of variety.  He was an Engineer turned English major who still worked with AutoCAD, a  sports loving musician who loved adventures, a quiet leader who led  by example, a goofy, fun-loving gambler who was known to rock out to  music in the back of a car while discussing everything from movies, to family, to life and love, and the state of the world.  Everyone  who met Greg loved him and I think that was, at least in part, due  to the fact he was interested in so many different things that he  always could find common ground with the people around him.  





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